Branxholme, Cavendish, Church Hill, Coleraine, Dunkeld, Mitchell Park and Penshurst

Combined Preschools of Southern Grampians (CPSG) is an Early Years Management organisation (EYM) that is responsible for the enrolments and service delivery at seven kindergartens across the Shire of Southern Grampians. 

CPSG was created in 1995 following a Victorian Government's decision to group kindergartens together to make management and compliance less of a burden on individual kindergartens.

CPSG is the Approved Provider of the service and is responsible for:

  • ensuring compliance with the National Law and Regulations
  • hiring and managing appropriately qualified staff and supporting their professional development
  • ensuring service viability and acquitting funding to the Department
  • ensuring delivery of a high-quality educational program, aligned with the Victorian Early Years
         Learning and Development Framework, and
  • other operational requirements.

CPSG believes that this management and support provides our educators with the opportunity to develop strong community links and a quality program that recognises the individual needs of the children and families who access our service.