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Board of Management

CPSG is managed by a Board of Management and is the legal entity responsible for conducting all business of all the kindergartens it manages, including the employment of the Executive Officer, Finance Officer and all the kindergarten staff, as well as ensuring compliance with all laws, and regulations.

The Board of Management meets on a monthly basis with responsibilities governed by CPSG’s Constitution, which sets out the purpose and rules of the Association, as well as the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Management.

The CPSG Board is skills-based Board, meaning its members have a range of skills and knowledge that will help CPSG to function at its best. Board positions are open for all community members, although it is recognised that many of the skills required will still be met through parents and guardians of children enrolled in CPSG kindergartens.

2020 Board of Management

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 Natalie Templeton
 Rebecca Small
 (to be filled)
 Parent Representatives
 Alysia Sanderson (Branxholme)
 Phoebe Stewart (North Hamilton)
 Staff Representative
 Debbie Millard
 Executive Officer
 Tracey Gould
 General Committee
 Leah Brebner
 Sonia Gillingham