Building a strong foundation in early years education


Branxholme Kindergarten

Branxholme Kindergarten is located twenty minutes drive south of Hamilton on the Henty (Portland) Highway. 

The kindergarten is based in the local Community Hall complex. Extensive renovations to the hall provide the staff and children with bright, new facilities and the playground has some new developments including a water play area.


Branxholme Kindergarten strives to offer a welcoming environment that fully supports the children attending and their families. Offering an educational program tailored to the individual needs of each child, where diversity, equality and inclusion underpin the curriculum. We use the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework as our basis for our planning which is developed in an ongoing cycle based on the children's interest and ideas.

We believe children are successful, competent and capable learners and the rights and best interests of each child are paramount. We aim for all children to quickly form bonds and a sense of belonging.

We also endeavour for them to become familiar with the Branxholme School with regular visits and participation in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) sessions with the students from Branxholme School.

Many of our children travel to kindergarten on the school bus and in order to make kindergarten attendance feasible, these children are offered the opportunity to also travel home on the school bus. By being flexible, focusing on providing assistance, respecting the beliefs of families and our open door policy, we believe our families are valued and comfortable within our program.