Branxholme, Cavendish, Church Hill, Coleraine, Dunkeld, Mitchell Park and Penshurst

Cavendish Kindergarten is a very small rural centre which takes pride in being able to provide a kindergarten program for both three and four year olds in a combined program.

It has recently undergone some changes to the outdoor area including a new cubby house, bike track and garden beds.

Thanks to a Forest Hills Grant we have purchased some new indoor wooden furniture including new tables, chairs and bookcases.

Hours of operation

Please note the longer hours.

Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 - 4:00pm 

Pre Kinder - Tuesday 9:00am -4:00pm

Cavendish Kinder Kids with their “People’s Choice” winning entry in the Cavendish Red Gum Festival Sculpture Competition


The Cavendish kindergarten is an integral part of our community. It provides essential learning opportunities to the youngest members of our region.

Our kindergarten is also the venue for Playgroup and the Maternal Child Health Centre for the community.

We would like our kindergarten to be viewed as:

• Welcoming and accepting to everyone

• A place where children can grow and learn with equal opportunity

• Supportive and caring to all needs

• A safe environment that encourages and promotes health and well-being

Our philosophy is guided by Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) . A well structured and dynamic learning program, where children actively construct their own learning.

Our kindergarten meets many challenges being part of a small rural community, and our viability and success is dependent on a progressive and flexible outlook.