Branxholme, Cavendish, Church Hill, Coleraine, Dunkeld, Mitchell Park and Penshurst


 At our kindergarten the focus is on the whole child and we work to support each individual’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical self.  Our goal is to promote children’s self-esteem and foster the foundations they need for life.

  1. We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect
  2. We value diversity and advocate community awareness
  3. We believe that children learn through active, concrete exploration of the world around them, PLAY
  4. We aim to build resourcefulness and adaptability
  5. We devise open ended experiences that prompt creativity, socialisation, communication, problem-solving and exploration
  6. We encourage children to follow through with their interests in order to consolidate and challenge all areas of their development


The key to all this is fun! When children are having fun they develop enthusiasm for learning, curiosity about the world around them, tolerance and awareness of others and above all a positive image of themselves.

 “The greatest gift we can give children for their transition to school and their success in later life is courage to face the world with a high self-esteem, a genuine interest in learning and the ability to make the most of their own unique skills and attributes”