Branxholme, Cavendish, Church Hill, Coleraine, Dunkeld, Mitchell Park and Penshurst

Enrolling your child in any of the seven CPSG Kindergartens                        

2019 Registrations are NOW OPEN

The CPSG has managed these kindergartens since 1995 and have supported each one to provide a quality early childhood education and assisted in the administration of these sites. The Early Years are the most important for learning. That’s when the foundations for the future are laid, and when we begin moving down the path that will take us through childhood, the teenage years and ultimately into adulthood

Step 1

Completion of a Registration Form (CPSG Enrolment Application Form)

This form needs to be completed before the end of July. but will be accepted anytime if there are vacancies.

Please provide proof of age and current immunisation certificate

Return form to the kindergarten or CPSG office

Step 2

We will contact you to confirm arrangements no later than October

You will be sent a letter of confirmation along with the official Confidential Enrolment Record and Fee Agreements 

Step 3

Complete the above documents before your child can attend kindergartens.

We would prefer that these forms be returned and completed before the  end of November

You will also need to provide your immunisation certificate.

Allocation of places

Kinder - four year old program will be allocated

  1. Children who have received funding for a second year of kindergarten
  2. Children deemed vulnerable by DET
  3. Early Start children from the previous year.
  4. Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred or withdrew from the centre on or before the last day of Term 1
  5. Children who have completed two years of the three-year-old kindergarten program
  6. Children who have completed one year of the three-year-old program
  7. All other eligible applications in the order of receipt of the registration form
  8. Children seeking extra sessions

Pre-Kinder - three year old stand-alone sessions (Church Hill, Coleraine and Dunkeld)

  1. Early Start children
  2. Children who have already completed one year of three year old
  3. All other eligible applications in the order of receipt of the registration form

Pre-Kinder - Three year old combined with Kinder -four year olds in the same session

  1. After all eligible funded four year olds have been placed
  2. Early Start children
  3. All other eligible applications in the order of receipt of the registration form

Please consider children whose birthdays fall between February and April 30th as a second year of four year old funding is only available in exceptional circumstances and immaturity is not one of them.

Hours, Fees and Funding

In 2019 all kindergartens will offer 15 hours of kinder for four year olds.

Only Kinder (four year old)places are funded for 10 hours by the Victorian Government/DET along with some Early Start 3 year olds. (Aboriginal and DHS) 

The extra 5 hours is funded by the Federal Government.

CPSG charge fees to assist with the overall funding of the sites. There is a fee subsidy from the Government for four year olds who hold HCC or received Early Start Funding the previous year.

Pre Kinder (Three year olds) receives no funding from the Government so you will be expected to pay the fees unless you are eligible for Early Start Funding.

Church Hill, Coleraine and Dunkeld run stand alone Pre Kinder sessions, the rest combine the Kinder and Pre Kinder sessions.

We have received additional funding through the National Occasional Care Initiative and this will be used to support pre kinder sessions. Fees will still be charged but you will be unable to claim the Childcare Rebate.

2018 Fees 

Kinder 15 hours $350 per term  

Pre Kinder 3 hours $175 per term / 6 hours $350 per term. 

Enrolment Policy

Transition to School