Building a strong foundation in early years education


Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs)

Parent Advisory Groups play a very important role in our kindergarten community.

Each kindergarten is encouraged to have a PAG that works in close partnership with the educators of each service and the CPSG Executive team to optimise the kindergarten program.

We believe that the establishment of a PAG is an essential component of a high quality early childhood service.

The role of the Parent Advisory Group

  • Providing feedback from families accessing the services
  • Contributing to the objectives of the kindergarten and CPSG
  • Contributing to the development and review of policies
  • Contributing to the decision that affects opportunities for families to be involved in the kindergarten           program
  • Communicating any parent or community issues or concerns regarding the delivery of the                         kindergarten program to CPSG
  • Providing input into the future planning of the kindergarten.

Further information about the role of Parent Advisory Groups is available here and by reading the the Parent Advisory Group Manual (available on the right).